Fume Extraction

Lincoln Fume Extractors, Downdraft Tables and Parts

Count on Lincoln Electric fume extractors and downdraft tables from WeldingMart to protect yourself from hazardous exhaust.

Welding and metalworking can produce a variety of hazardous fumes, gases and particles as a byproduct of the work. For you, your workers and anyone who happens to be in the immediate area, problems caused by this exhaust can range from minor throat and eye irritation to serious long-term health consequences.

Lincoln Electric is one of the most respected names in the welding industry. For more than 125 years, the company started by two brothers has become known for innovation and quality, and its fume extraction systems are a perfect example. Whether you are equipping a shop with a system or seeking a mobile unit, a Lincoln Electric system will give you outstanding, long-lasting performance.

WeldingMart carries a big assortment of Lincoln fume extractors, downdraft tables and parts that can ensure your shop works cleanly, efficiently and safely, protecting the health of you and your workers while you concentrate on producing quality work. If you are looking for a Lincoln fume extractor, you have come to the right place. We are one of the few authorized worldwide exporters of Lincoln welding equipment and supplies. As the world's largest online Lincoln Electric dealer, we have gained the trust of users around the world, thanks to our great customer service, low prices and global shipping.

Built by Lincoln Electric, a leader in the industry, our Lincoln weld fume extraction equipment is designed to provide premium performance and dependable durability. We have portable Lincoln fume extractors that are easy to take to jobsites or to move around in the shop as well as Lincoln single- and dual-arm, wall-mounted extractors designed for light- and medium-duty extraction and filtration. Versatile and compact, our Lincoln downdraft tables provide a workbench with extraction to remove fumes, particulates and dust while welding, grinding or cutting. You will also find a variety of Lincoln extraction arms here as well as OEM parts like filters and spark arrestors to keep your system running at its best.

Our welding experts can help answer your questions about these systems, and share some great tips and tricks for using them, so contact us today.