Welders, Plasma Cutters, Torch Cable Covers, & Accessory Bags

Welding machine covers are a smart way to protect your welder when it’s not in use. The right welder cover can guard against dust, rain, mildew and other environmental hazards that can damage welders. offers a big selection of welder and cable covers and accessories to prolong the life of your welding equipment and ensure peak performance.

Our inventory includes covers for Lincoln welders and Miller welders to keep these popular brands ready for action. You can choose from a variety of sizes to fit your model. Our Miller welding covers come in the company’s trademark blue, while Lincoln covers are available in black or red. If you’re looking to add some special aesthetics to your Lincoln Ranger 225, 250 GXT, 305G or 305 G EFI models, check out our Ranger Whitetail Camo Sheet Metal Kit, which lets you substitute an impressive camouflage outdoors overlay on the panels.

We also carry Lincoln and Miller cable covers to protect your welding cables as well as accessory bags that make it easy to protect, carry and store your welding accessories.