Miller Plasma Cutters

Cut through junk metal quickly and easily with a Miller plasma cutter from WeldingMart.

Welders who travel to their worksite know that surprise is part of the job. Contractors don't always provide a clear picture of what a job entails. If your worksite or task is surrounded by metal that needs to be cleared, a Miller plasma cutter is a powerful tool for that job.

Miller Electric makes some of the most impressive plasma cutters on the market. Made with premium components, these cutters are built for high performance job after job.

Ditch the scissors and snippers on your next big project in favor of a Miller plasma cutter. If you're working with electrically conductive metals such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper, plasma cutting is the best way to make large cuts or gouges fast. WeldingMart has an assortment of Miller plasma cutters for sale that will leave a clean edge with no burring. Each one comes with a handheld torch, work clamp, shoulder strap, consumables box and other important plasma cutter parts you'll need in your shop or on-the-go.

Miller has three primary plasma cutters for different fabrication needs. The Miller Spectrum 375 X-TREME is their introductory unit for thin steel and sheet metal, the Spectrum 625 X-TREME works on moderately thick steel and the Spectrum 875 heavy-duty plasma cutter can handle 7/8-inch steel or 5/8-inch aluminum. Both the 625 and 875 are also available with a longer torch cable for greater flexibility. And don't forget a waterproof cover to protect your machine between projects. Call us at 1-877-532-WELD or use our Live Chat to speak with an expert in our customer service team that will help you pick out the right Miller plasma cutter.