MK Products

MK Product Turntables & Foot Control

Based in Irvine, Calif., MK Products assembles all its products in-house right here in the U.S. Producing thousands of products for push-pull welding and orbital welding equipment, the company boasts assembly benches dedicated to specific product lines from start to finish. All MK Products’ finished products are 100 percent tested, so you can buy with complete confidence.

At, we carry MK Products turntables and foot control equipment. These provide you a simple, precise and effective way to position pipes, vessels and other items you’re working on.

Our lineup of MK Products turntables includes premium products like its Aircrafter welding positioner. The Aircrafter turntable offers a smart design with frequently requested features, like a detachable clutch to rotate the turntable freely. We also carry a variety of other MK Products turntables as well as compatible foot controls and parts to help you do your job better.