Engine Driven Welders, Engine Drives & Generators

An engine-driven welder is the ideal solution for people who need a reliable welding rig that's ready at a moment's notice. These welders run on a gasoline, propane or diesel, and are available with an electric generator to power work lights, fans, small air compressors and other electrical equipment. As such, engine driven welders are popular choices for contractors, mechanics, farmers, maintenance workers and other professionals who require on-demand welding reliability.

Weldingmart.com has dozens of Lincoln engine-driven welders along with Miller welders that are respected throughout the industry. These welders range from basic 4,000-watt output models for smaller tasks to massive 20,000-watt welders that can power an entire job site location. Get a standard DC welder for MIG, TIG or stick welding on mild and stainless steel, or choose an AC/DC welder engine that is capable of flux-core welding and aluminum work. Each unit comes ready to load onto a truck or trailer. Our welders are backed by full manufacturer warranties and more than 50 years of industry experience from experts that are ready to assist you.