Portable Units

Portable Welding Fume Extraction Units and Accessories

A mobile fume extraction system from WeldingMart gives you a portable solution for ventilation issues no matter where you go.

A lot of welders travel to a wide variety of locations, and do not get a lot of control over their immediate environment. They may have to work in hazardous areas, in close proximity to volatile chemicals.

Fumes, gases and dust are the inevitable byproducts of welding. This exhaust poses dangers ranging from minor concerns such as eye, nose and throat irritation to serious long-term health issues. A welding fume extraction system offers a quick and easy solution to venting these dangerous wastes. For smaller shops, tighter spaces, mobile operations or if you are on a limited budget, a portable extraction unit offers a sensible solution.

WeldingMart carries a big selection of portable welding fume extraction units and accessories, making it easy to find the right product for the type of work you do. Made by Lincoln Electric and other respected manufacturers, these units are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Some come with wheels for easy mobility, while other lightweight models have convenient carrying handles for carrying them where you need them.

In addition to portable fume extraction units, we carry accessories like hoses and hoods. Besides our low prices, you can take advantage of our free shipping offers on these quality products.

Contact our welding experts today about these portable fume extractors. They have decades of welding experience between them, working jobs just like you, and have personal experience with fume extractors such as these. They can share tips and tricks they have learned to help you increase your safety and productivity.