MIG / Wire-Feed

Lincoln MIG Wire Feed Welders

Lincoln MIG welding machines from Weldingmart.com are an affordable but effective way for welders of all skill levels to do great metal fabrication. Gas metal arc welding is the easiest way to join clean steel, stainless steel and aluminum using a wire feed. Not only that, but it produces cleaner welds even at high speeds or when you’re out of position. A wire feed welder from Lincoln Electric uses Diamond Core Technology™ to produce a better arc for DIY auto body workers, industrial fabricators, agricultural professionals and everyone else who welds these metals.

As an authorized Lincoln distributor, we carry all of their latest MIG welders. Options range from the POWER MIG 140® multi-process welder for home use to the IDEALARC® CV-400 designed for heavy equipment and railroads. We also have reconditioned welders! Each machine comes ready to use with a welding gun, shielding gas regulator, welding wire samples and other essential equipment. If you’re trying to decide which welder is best for you, call the Weldingmart.com experts at 1-877-532-WELD. We’ll help with everything from comparing the Lincoln 140C vs. 140T to arranging for special shipping on international orders.