Anchor Brand

Anchor Welding Products & Supplies

Add quality to your gear with Anchor welding supplies from WeldingMart.

At WeldingMart, we offer more than 25,000 welding supplies, replacement parts, accessories and other tools. Our goal is to make finding quality supplies easy, so that you can get what you need cheaply and quickly. We know that quality is important for working welders - low-quality gear can make the job more difficult and, in some cases, lead to costly downtime.

Known for its comprehensive lines of industrial welding products and supplies, Anchor can supply just about any product you need for welding. WeldingMart gives you easy access online to scores of quality Anchor brand industrial welding products and supplies. With just a few keystrokes and clicks, you can have any of our Anchor welding products delivered quickly and safely to your address.

Our inventory of Anchor products includes plenty of welding consumables, like Anchor brand pure tungsten for TIG welding aluminum, as well as accessories such as our Anchor brand accessory kits for use on torches. Browsing these pages, you can find everything from the most basic Anchor items, like polycarbonate safety plates and copper-coated gouging carbons, to top-of-the line products like our Anchor MIG guns and modular torch kit packages. Some of these items are available with free shipping.

If you're searching for a particular Anchor product and can't find it, or just have general questions about your project, give us a toll-free call. Our customer service experts have welding experience in their backgrounds, and have spent plenty of time with a torch in their hands. They are happy to help with free advice. You can also reach us via email and instant chat.