Stationary Units

Improve the safety in your welding shop with stationary fume extraction systems from WeldingMart.

Because it makes use of volatile substances and extreme temperatures, the process of welding creates fumes, smoke, exhaust and more. Without proper ventilation, those fumes can quickly overpower people working in that area and pose health risks, from things as minor as eye irritation to much more serious medical problems. Additionally, fumes may react badly to other chemicals in a shop, causing a dangerous hazard.

A stationary fume extraction system helps make your entire shop safer. WeldingMart carries a variety of fume extraction systems, as well as accessories to improve their function and replacement parts to ensure their performance. We carry products from the most respected manufacturers in the business, such as Lincoln Electric and Kemper.

Contact us today and tell us about your shop. How often do you weld, and what kind of welding do you get done? Our customer service experts will help you find the best system for your needs.