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  • BandB BandB Biggy Buggy - 2014

    B&B Biggy Buggy - 2014

    Features The B&B Biggy Buggy is a heavy duty hand truck which allows one man to move up to 24 foot long pipe and up to 2,000 lbs. of weight unassisted. The Biggy Buggy industrial pipe transport ships unassembled in a wooden crate for ease of shipment and...
    MSRP: $1,353.60
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  • BandB BandB Baby Buggy - 2013 BandB BandB Baby Buggy - 2013

    B&B Baby Buggy - 2013

    Features B&B Baby Buggy is designed to help move pipe, fittings and other items with ease. Great for use in construction projects around the world, the B&B Baby Buggy ships in a cardboard box with 5 minute assembly of wheels and handle. 16” tires can...
    MSRP: $730.50
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