Women's Gear

Women's Welding Gear

Women's welding gear from WeldingMart gives women all the protection and quality they need without sacrificing fit or comfort. Who says welding is just a guy thing? As more and more women take up the art and science of welding, whether as a job, in the home or for a hobby, manufacturers are responding by designing welding gloves and welding jackets shaped specifically for women's bodies. At Weldingmart.com, we carry a line of women's welding gear and apparel that looks great and provides extraordinary comfort and safety as well.

It's no secret: The clothing industry values quantity over quality when it comes to women's fashions. We get annoyed when companies making women's welding clothes use the same philosophy. Women welders require the same levels of protection and comfort as men, because they are doing the same type of work. At WeldingMart, we believe every welder needs proper, well-designed protective gear that helps them stay comfortable and productive.

Our women's welding apparel includes women's steelworker welding gloves that are perfectly sized for women's smaller hands. Designed for fabrication and light welding, they boast features such as padded palm cushions and hook-and-loop tabbed wrist closures for a snug, secure fit. We also carry Lincoln MIG/stick gloves that are heat- and flame-resistant, and feature Kevlar stitching for extra strength.

Our female welding gear also includes Lincoln leather-sleeved women's welding jackets specifically designed to hug a woman's curves while providing superior comfort and protection. If you're looking for other ladies' welding apparel but don't see it, just call us toll-free, email us or instant-chat with us. Our friendly staff will help you find what you're looking for.