Pliers, Snips & Cutters

Pliers, Snips, & Cutters Hand Tools

Snips, pliers and other handheld tools from WeldingMart will help you get your welding done quickly.

It's not like welders use only welding machines. Getting a job done correctly requires simple handheld tools. A good pair of snips, for instance, helps you ensure welding wire can be properly fed and spooled.

Quality matters for welders working in the field. That's true for expensive welders and generators, and it is especially true for pliers, snips and other handheld tools.

For any kind of work, having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. Using quality tools becomes even more important when working with tough, stubborn metal. At WeldingMart, we carry an extensive selection of quality pliers, snips and cutters' hand tools that will help you get the job done efficiently, quickly and professionally.

We carry tools from premium name brands, like Craftsman and URREA, so you can buy with complete confidence. Craftsman has been a top American brand for more than 90 years. When you shop online with us, you can select from a variety of Craftsman pliers, including lock-ring, needle-nose and mini pliers. We also have Craftsman cutting pliers to make easy, precision cuts as well as long-reach pliers to get to those hard-to-access places. You will also find a selection of this brand's wire strippers and electrical repair tools here for electric wiring work.

Known for its affordable tools made from U.S. micro alloy steel with the latest CAD-CAM computer design, URREA offers a lineup of quality tools for metal working. These include tin snips, bolt cutters and a full lineup of pliers to tackle virtually any job.

Contact our welding experts for more information. They have worked for decades in the field just like you and can share some handy tips and hacks you can do with pliers and snips.