MetalMan Welders, Helmets & Equipment

Metal Man Gear welding helmets and welding carts from WeldingMart offer durable, long-lasting performance, job after job.

We carry more than 25,000 welding products, tools, accessories and parts that are known for their high level of quality, and Metal Man Gear helmets and carts are a perfect example.

Like many great American companies, the Metal Man Gear Company started out small - in its founder's basement. From this humble beginning, the Wisconsin company has grown over the last decade to become known for the outstanding usability and appealing style of the welding equipment it makes. This company works hard to make its products easy to use and to make all your welding tasks easier and more efficient.

At WeldingMart, we carry a selection of Metal Man welders, helmets and welding equipment. Made with superior materials and precision engineering, these welding carts and helmets will work as hard as you do, and stand up to repeated use. And a Metal Man multiprocess welder will help you produce quality work. Try one or more of these products and find out why Metal Man Gear welding gear and equipment have grown in popularity so rapidly.

We stock Metal Man welding machines, including MIG welders, as well as helmets and Metal Man welding helmet parts, like lenses and hard hat adapters. If you are looking for welding carts to make your shop more organized and efficient, make sure to check out our selection of quality Metal Man carts and cabinets.