Stud Welders & Equipment

Popular for buildings, vehicles and many other applications, stud welding offers numerous advantages. It quickly creates strong, one-sided welds that are secure and professional-looking.

International Welding Technologies has been producing stud-welding equipment for more than a century, so you can count on its products. Whether you are looking for an IWT stud welder or stud-welding systems, guns, collets and accessories, you’ll find a wide selection at Weldingmart. Some of these products are available with free shipping.

Our IWT stud-welding systems give you everything you need to go to work. They come as complete systems including gun, ground cables, stud-welding collets and changing tools. You also get a carrying case for easy transport. If you prefer to purchase your stud-welding products separately, you will also find a wide variety of individual guns here as well as collets and mild steel and aluminum studs in assorted sizes.