Passive Welding Helmets

When you need to shield your eyes from UV light on a budget, a passive welding helmet is an ideal solution. These standard welding helmets have a single shade lens that remains the same tint level at all times. While they don’t have the same adjustability as an auto-darkening helmet, this standard shade actually offers better optical clarity for welding. When you add in their ease of use, excellent debris protection, lower costs and rugged construction, many experienced welders still prefer passive welding helmets for their shop.

Weldingmart.com has a variety of passive metal fabrication helmets that meet National Safety Standards for arc shielding. The ESAB Glove-Arc Shade line of welding helmets has a number of different inner lens shades that can be swapped out for grinding, plasma cutting, gas cutting and other tasks. We also carry Lincoln Electric passive helmets that provide consistent protection at an economical price. If you need ESAB Globe-Arc replacement lenses or other parts, head to our welding helmet accessories page. Call us at 1-877-532-WELD if you need expert assistance picking out a high-quality passive welding helmet for your needs.