Welding Jackets, Shirts, & Aprons

The welding process can present a number of hazards to DIYers and professionals alike. While almost all welders know to have a good helmet, you also need protection for the rest of your body. Welding jackets and apparel from Weldingmart.com are a much-needed preventative measure against fire, shock, metal spatter and other dangers. We offer the guaranteed lowest prices on all our welding safety clothing from leading brands.

Upper body welding apparel is essential for shielding your arms and torso. Flame-retardant Lincoln Electric welding jackets provide the protection you need in a form-fitting design. You can get a Lincoln welding jacket, coat, shirt or sleeves in several sizes with heavy-duty options for serious welders. There are women’s welding jackets too that ensure a safe, comfortable fit.

If you usually stand while fabricating, consider welding aprons and bibs made by Lincoln, Miller and other welding leaders. These thick leather aprons can be used by themselves for light welding or worn over a welder’s vest for maximum protection. Those who are new to the craft can get a welding apparel start kit with a jacket, helmet, gloves, carrying bag and everything else you need. Call, email or Live Chat with us to learn more!