Welding Cabinets, Storage Cabinets and Workstations

Care must always be taken when welding to protect people and property around you. Our welding storage and workstation equipment will secure your workspace from potential fire and fume hazards. Weldingmart.com has a number of cabinets designed for combustible materials storage by welding equipment. These units meet Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OHSA) regulations for shielding flammable materials and chemicals. We offer flammable liquid safety cabinets for storing oils, vehicle fluids and chemical-based cleaners plus gas cylinder storage cabinets that provide protection and ventilation for your fuel canisters. These cabinets come in many sizes so you won't have wasted space.

Our experts have also hand-selected an assortment of professional welding workstations for your shop. These metalworking tables and benches provide an organized safe area for welding, cutting and grinding, and also make it easier to attach accessories. Advanced models such as the Lincoln DownFlex® even assist with dust and fume removal. Welding tool bags are another solution we offer for portable storage. Outfit your workspace with hazard prevention products from Wilray, Miller, Lincoln and other leading brands. Contact us to learn more about supplies for responsible welding that you can afford.