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Find the perfect MIG gun or welding torch for your hands at WeldingMart.

The beautiful part about welding happens virtually in your hands. Whether you’re in a shop using a stationary welder or out in the field working on a pipe, welding comes down to you using incredible power to shape metal. Doing that requires a gun or torch that fits naturally in your hands, letting you use your training and skills to create outstanding work.

The art and craft of welding requires having the right tool for the job. At WeldingMart, we offer you a broad palette of top-notch welding MIG guns, TIG torches and spool guns as well as contact tips and starter kits to get the most out of your welding system.

Whether you are a brand-new beginner or a seasoned pro, you will find welding guns and contact tips here from premium brands like Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric and more.

The right size contact tip is a must for creating quality welds because it controls how much filler material is distributed. We carry Lincoln Magnum Pro contact tips in a variety of sizes to help you avoid problems like overheating and wire jamming.

You will also find a complete selection of quality welding guns and torches here. Our Miller and Lincoln torches and guns provide the advanced technology and professional performance that will deliver superior results every time.

Are you just beginning your welding operation? Check out our starter kits. They come with everything you need in a convenient carrying case, saving you time and money compared to ordering individual components.