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A portable stick welder from WeldingMart will offer you long-lasting reliability for projects involving thick metal.

Stick welders, also called SMAW, are the main component in a type of welding that has been used for a long time — and with good reason. Known for creating super-strong welds, SMAW is ideal for very thick metals. Good for working in the shop, it is also popular for use at construction sites and other outdoor areas, because it can be done during wet or windy weather.

Another benefit of stick welders is that they cost less than many welding alternatives. Stick welders are used for welding mild steel, stainless steels, low alloys and cast iron for repairs, maintenance and fabrication. But don’t be fooled: a SMAW welder is not just affordable welding equipment. It’s a powerful tool for handling tough jobs.

If you are looking for a SMAW welding machine, look no further than Weldingmart.com. Our line of portable stick welders and other SMAW welders includes some of the most respected brands in the industry.

We carry more than a score of stick welders for shielded metal arc welding, providing you a great choice of stick welders made by leading brands, including Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric and Forney. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay more. Some of these machines are available at discounts over our low everyday prices, and many are eligible for free shipping.

What kinds of projects have you considering a stick welder? Contact our staff of experts today. They have decades of collected welding experience and can point you toward a machine that’s perfect for your needs.